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Compatible and Incompatible Devices

You can download I-SPARX on any PC or Android device. 

I-SPARX cannot be downloaded on mac or iOS devices.

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How to Participate

You will need a compatible device (e.g. a PC computer or an Android Smartphone/Tablet) and internet connection to participate in the project. 


Once you sign up, an I-SPARX team member will provide you with instructions to download the game onto your compatible device.


If you don’t have a compatible device, access to the internet, or are unable to participate for some other reason, that’s okay! Send us a message and we will make accommodations to make sure that you can play I-SPARX!

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What you need to participate

If you are from Nunavut and are between the ages of 13 and 24, you can participate in I-SPARX! 


To participate the first step is to sign up!

1. Click on the "Sign Up" tab and fill out your information under "Contact Us".  Then click the "submit" button.

2. Your information will be sent to an I-SPARX team member.  When they receive a notification that you have signed up, they will email you with instructions on how to get started!

3. You will be paid an hourly wage for your contribution to I-SPARX!

Pay is an hourly wage comparable to that of a research assistant and you can earn up to $200.00 with 5 hours of I-SPARX participation. Once you are done, you will receive an email from the I-SPARX team. The hours you spent will be confirmed and you will be compensated.

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